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Clients often decide to purchase cabinets or other bigger elements of furniture when moving into a new home or renovating their existing place. I can accompany the client in this exciting process. Whether it is the renovation of one single room, a full apartment or even with extensions to the existing house.

I am an independent design professional with experience in diverse fields of architecture and interior design. With skills accumulated in Brazil, The Netherlands and Germany, I posses wide knowledge and expertise of the architectural design process. With The Cabinet Shop I found a perfect partner to use high-quality furniture and integrate them in my designs. I am attracted by their professional attitude and excellent products.

Designing your interior together
My goal is to make this process as easy as possible for the client. My projects start with discussing the dreams and wishes of the client. Together we come to a first high-level design. This gets then worked out into a full interior design. The client will have the certainty that the beautiful cabinets of the Cabinet Shop are fully integrated in the overall interior design; in the best possible way. I know every detail of the products and know how to best utilize them in every situation.

I can also support the client during the actual renovation. Important elements like potentially required structural calculations or building permits are taken care of.

As a result the client gets the interior project of her or his dreams without having the worry about the practical details. I take care of that.

Contact me to book a first meeting to discuss your plans and ideas. It would be a pleasure to get in touch with you.


Meaning of toca in Tupi-Guarani (the language of the original inhabitants of Brazil): an animal cave or hole in the tree, stone or ground, refuge.

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Cecilia Kollross, independent designer with experience in architecture and interior  design.Cecilia Kollross works with beautiful, durable materials and appealing color palettes.

Cecilia Kollross assesses the entire interior and surprises with practical total solutions.The models of Cecilia Kollross give a great first impression of the end result.

With smart adjustments, Cecilia Kollross turns interiors into practical user spaces.Cecilia Kollross also provides structural calculations and building permits for renovations.

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